Troubleshoot Your Residential Garage Door Problems Easily

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Solutions for the Top 3 Residential Garage Door Issues

Your garage door is an important part of your home and plays a key role in keeping home sealed. Moreover, it enhances the curb appeal & R-value of your home means your house resale value would increase. Although, we all take a garage door as granted and mostly ignore its importance. We give priority when it stops working. Because once it stops functioning; you can’t park your vehicle to get your valuable stuff out from it. At that time, we all start finding the solutions to fix the issues and get it back in a working mode.

Here we have listed 3 quick ways to troubleshoot your Residential Garage Door issues that will help you fix the problems and so, save money.

Garage Door Won’t Lift Up & Down Completely

When your Residential garage door won’t close & get stuck in between being fully closed or opened. You should check for the safety sensors because, in most of the cases, they could work properly due to misalignment and dust on sensor eyes. Remove the dust with the help of a cotton cloth. Actually, safety sensors are installed to avoid the damages like if a person or any object is in the way of a closing door; a sensor immediately reverse the mechanism. So, you can’t close the door until you pick up the object lying in between two sensors attached on both the side of the track.

If still doesn’t work; check for roller and track for rust and/or other signs of damages.

Garage Door is Jammed

If you notice that your residence garage door is sticking while opening and closing it, it’s a clear sign that track is a culprit in most of the cases. Sometimes debris like leaves can get stuck in the rollers and so, your door feels hesitate to get opened or closed. If rollers and tracks are clear then another issue would be rust. To avoid this issue; you should lubricate the rollers. Lubricating a roller isn’t a tough job to DIY, right?

Remote/Keypad is not Working

Mostly, homeowners use remote or keypad to lift up and down the garage door. You only need to press the button and door (weighing more than 500 pounds) will open or close. How easy is that! But sometimes, these electronic devices can be the reason for not lowering down the door. First, change the dead batteries with new ones and try to close the door. If it’s not working, reprogram the keypad/remote. How can I do that? Just follow the owner’s manual or consult with the manufacturer.

So, you do not need to take help from the Residential garage door repair experts you can DIY. But still, your garage door is not working the way it should be; you have only option to call the garage door experts to fix the problems before it may cause you life-threatening damages.