One of My Garage Door Spring is Broken? Should I Replace Both?

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One of My Garage Door Spring is Broken? Should I Replace Both?

Garage Door Spring

Garage Door Spring – What You Need To Know

Garage door spring are important to Garage doors open and close multiple times a day and we know that the Springs are necessary to allow doors up & down with ease. So, the wear and tear factor is also applied on springs too. Generally, garage door has two springs no matter whether they are torsion or extension. Over time, these springs can’t function well and will be broken or damaged. Many people replace the broken garage door spring, not both. This action may put your door in danger zone again. Yes, you are reading right and have a look below for the reasons.

The Lifespan of a Garage Door:

Generally, the springs are based on the cycles and the standard cycle rate is around 10,000 but some special garage door springs have much more than this; it all depends on the quality of springs. 1 cycle means opening and closing the garage door one time. So, do not rely on the years the springs will last. Suppose you do not use your garage daily then your garage door springs will last long, however, there will be some other problems like a noisy door, parts corrosion, etc. Here, both the springs are used at the time of opening and closing; now just imagine that one of your garage door springs is broken (after 10,000 cycles) at the same time another spring has also completed 10,000 cycles. So, the conclusion is that another spring will be broken at any time.

Now, you have replaced only broken springs from a professional garage door company. After few months; another old spring is broken then again you should follow the same procedure that you had followed before few months. This will break your bank in terms of double replacing charges to a company and on buying single springs two times as well as your time.

A Smart Long-Term Financial Move:

Yes, it is definitely a long-term move for homeowners and does not worry about springs for some years. But beware of the dealer or company who offer you “Lifetime Warranty” because if any another company services your garage door; your warranty will be void. More than 50% of the customers in the USA choose the option of replacing both springs while only single spring is broken.

These both are a primary reason to replace both the springs in one go. This will save you from the life-threatening damages caused due to sudden springs break. Are your garage door Springs are broken or damaged? Contact us (970) 541-4025 today for buying garage door springs online; our team will help to fix issues as soon as possible.