Read Tips, How To Open Your Garage Door During A Power Outage

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Benefits of Electronic Garage Door Opener over the Manual One
July 4, 2017
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Read Tips, How To Open Your Garage Door During A Power Outage

Garage Door During A Power Outage

Opening your garage door during a power outage is simple once you know how to do it. It’s the 21st Century and almost everything is automatic now. It makes our life convenient and better. Once we go with the automatic garage door then it is hard to go with the manual one. In any weather, with just one click of a button, you can open a garage door. It requires power but what happens when there is a power outage and you are inside the garage and want to go outside or you want to go in a garage. Have you ever thought about it? No, right? Here we have listed some tips that you need to remember when there is no electricity.

Trip the Trigger:

A bypass switch is there for all types of garage door openers for situations like a power outage, a fault in a motor, no functioning of a remote. On the door openers, there is a cord with the handle on the end. Pulling the rope will put the garage door from automatic mode to manual mode. Please keep in mind that active the handle only when the garage door is closed because if the door is up and you activate the handle; the door will be shut down quickly and it may cause harm.

Staying in a Manual Mode:

As you know that a rope controls a spring attachment in a trolley. In case of a power outage for a long time or the motor is malfunctioning, it is better to stay in a manual mode. When there is the only way to open a door in a manual mode; it is important to pull a red rope down & towards the back of a motor. So, a rope does not get caught on tracks.

Reattach the Door When Electricity Returns:

Once power returns to your home, the first thing you will do is to make the garage door from manual action to automatic one and start taking the full advantages of it again. To engage the trolley attachment again, just pull down on the rope towards a garage opening to stay a lever from engaging. To back in an automatic mode, pull up on a door until it snaps into a right place. It seems too confusing, right? Don’t worry, press the button on a remote opener & a track will force springs attachment back into a right place.

How are the tips to open a door during a power outage? Still having any problem with your garage door? Contact Loveland Garage Doors Experts; their experts will assist you in a seamless way and solve your problems in a short period of time.