Program the Genie Garage Door Opener: Process, Safety & Model Variants

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August 30, 2019
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Program the Genie Garage Door Opener: Process, Safety & Model Variants

Genie Garage Door Opener

The Genie Garage Door Opener is a renowned name in the field of manufacturing the garage door opener. Since inception, Genie has been gaining popularity and now, it’s one of the most reputable companies offering high-quality garage door openers. One can open and close the door using remote or keypad. That’s quite easy. But what if the garage door opener is not working the way it should be due to power failure or any other issues? The only solution is to reprogram the garage door opener.

Can you do that? Very few homeowners can do it by reading the owner’s manual that is provided you when you have purchased. Unfortunately, the manual is not readily available and so the problems arise. The information below will be helpful for you to avoid the problems while reprogramming the genie garage door opener DIY.

The Process:

The Genie model has a button that clearly says “Learn Code on it”. For that, you have to remove a lens cover located on the motor in the light bulb area. Once you press the button, an LED light beside the button will start blinking for 30 seconds rapidly.

The blinking will stop after the remote control button is pressed that is required to be programmed. While performing this, you must keep the remote at least two feet away from the garage door opener.

WHY? The minimum range of remote control from opener will prevent the opener from being programmed correctly. That’s why a certain distance is necessary to complete the process without any hesitation.

Safety Concerns:

During the process, it is vitally important that other persons should be kept away at least 20 feet from the area especially the children. If something goes wrong like door malfunction during the process, there may be a possibility of severe damage and life-threatening injury or even death.

If you need to program an additional door, you should simply follow the above steps to get it done easily without any issues.

Model Variants:

As you know about the types of garage door opener, the Genie has all types of garage door opener models. So, you don’t have to switch to another brand. The company has 140V DC Chain/Belt drive models which include 3024, 3020 and 4024 options. The 140V DC Screw Belt Drive model has two variants – 3064 & 4064. In short, Genie has all you need for the residential or commercial garage door opener.

So, this is a simple process but should be executed considering the security concerns. Follow the steps, program the door opener and open/close the door quickly. Noticed an issue with your garage door or its opener; let us know today. We would love to fix the issues. Need help for anything related to Genie garage door opener of any model, do not feel hesitate to call us (970) 541-4025. Our team will come to your home and resolve the problems as soon as possible.