I Want to Go On Vacation. How Can I Secure My Garage Door?

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I Want to Go On Vacation. How Can I Secure My Garage Door?

Secure My Garage Door

This is a question of many. People feel insecurity while planning a trip for few days. They are excited about the vacation but also at the same time worrying about home security. Christmas is approaching in only 3 months and several people have already decided where to go on this vacation with their families or friend. We plan so much for the vacation from bag packing to resort booking. It is important to plan for home protection.

We close all the doors, windows, back doors and also tell neighbors to keep eye on the house while we are going on a vacation. But we forget about the garage door. It is the second entry of a home and generally, intruders take advantage of it and break the door easily with some tactics. Don’t worry, follow the below steps to keep your home protected and enjoy your vacation.

Keep the Opener into the Garage Door

Generally, garage door opener is outside the garage. But when you are out from your house for several days; do not forget to keep the opener inside. So, no one can do anything with your opener to open a door. If someone has a remote control with various emits different frequency rays then it might be possible that the frequency will match with your opener’s frequency and your door is unlocked. So, don’t forget this point.

Lock the Garage Door

This is a common way to keep your home secure. Generally, we lock all door of home but sometimes we forget to lock the door. The garage door is mostly operated by the electric opener. It is good to install the extra lock for better security and also more peace of mind.

What’s a better than installing motion lights around your garage door?

Exactly, this is a better idea for any homeowner to keep the intruders out from your garage area. Motion lights are special devices that detect the objects in some range & the light is ON for some period of time while any object is detected. When an intruder or a burglar comes to your door; a light will ON at a time for some and the intruder will think that someone is inside the garage door and stay away from your home.

Are you going for a vacation on this Christmas? Worrying about the home safety? Meet us today. We are #1 garage door repairing experts and can help you to provide more security to your garage door. Enjoy your vacation!!!