Autumn Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

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Autumn Maintenance Tips to Prepare Your Garage Door for Winter

Garage Door for Winter

The Most Effective Method To Keep Your Garage Door Warm During Autumn/Winter

In the USA, Fall season is going on and many of us have been started to enjoying and also have prepared houses for this season. We take care of our houses and offices every season but all time many of us forget about garage and garage door. Let me tell you that garage door is not just a piece of your home which is only taken for granted. It should be maintained properly in all seasons otherwise you would be ready for paying bills of repairing and replacement of parts which is just an extra burden on your pocket because it will not happen if you have put a little bit effort to inspect the garage. Anyways, have you prepared your garage door along with your home in this season?

The Very First: Check the Weather Seal/Strip

Fall season means the cold weather will set in few months. So, have you checked that weather strip is properly set at the bottom side of a garage door? No, check it ASAP. Because this seal/strip prevents the warm air and for that, you have already paid money (here cost for heater and energy bills). Now, what happen if you weather strip is not set in a right way? You need to ON heater again and again, to keep the home and garage warm because your garage door is allowing cold air to come and warm air to go out. So, we have written “The Very First” in a title.

Inspect the Photo Eye Sensors:

Photo Eye Sensors located 6 inches above the ground and used for the security purpose. When anything comes in a way of two sensors; the reversal system will start and garage door will travel reverse its direction means upper side. If it is not working then you might face sometimes life-threatening damages to you as well as your belongings. Put a towel on the ground in between the way of light beam transmitting from one side to another side of a garage door. Now, close the door using an opener and see the door will go reverse direction then you are not in danger and still it closes; you need to call the professional to repair it.

Make sure that all the moving parts are lubricated.

If they are not lubricated then it’s your responsibility to lubricate DIY or hire the garage door repair company for that. Lubrication prevents the abnormal wear and increases the lifespan of moving parts. Check the manual first and then start lubricating because not all parts should be lubricated.

Don’t forget to go through above steps in the running autumn season. Still having any problem with your garage door; Contact us (970) 541-4025 today. We will prepare your garage door fall and winter seasons.