Eye-Opening Reasons for Bent, Misaligned and Damaged Garage Door Track

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Eye-Opening Reasons for Bent, Misaligned and Damaged Garage Door Track

Garage Door Track

The track is an important part of a garage door system to allow a door running smoothly on it. Without this, it is impossible for a garage door to be opened or closed. Sometimes, this track is bent, damaged or misaligned due to some mistakes and then the homeowner’s problems will start. To overcome the problem; you need to hire the door technician to fix it and need to spend money and time on it. But this can be prevented if we know the reasons why is the garage door bent, misaligned or damaged? Or in general terms, we can say that why the garage door comes off its track.

Your door is hit by the heavy material like your car:

Yes, this is true and many of us have already experienced too. We are in hurry many times and so, we can’t even wait for the garage door fully opened and drive the car to park in the garage and your door is hit; once it is hit; the entire garage door system is damaged not just a few parts of a door. Even a slow speed (6 to 8 km/h) is enough to do real damage and your door will come off the track. When this situation occurs, first you need to come off the car, call the garage door professional to fix the problem. This is an easy way to prevent your door from other damages.

Roller(s) Wear out & Break:

If any of the garage door rollers break from the external wear and tear, they are of lower quality or due to other part damages; this could cause more stress to be put on other rollers in a door system and thus, the other rollers should bear the stress and due to that they may be broken or come off the tracks. If it does not end there; it may cause the horizontal rails bend and we all know about the serious consequences when the bend breaks.

Broken Lift Cable(s):

It’s strange but it could happen. It happens especially when the door is old and never had it tuned up completely. When it breaks, the whole weight of a door is transfer to other side but the problem is that one side can’t hold the weight of a door. So, the one side of a door is closed while another side, the garage door remains up in the air. Such unbalanced state, rollers would easily come off the track system and creates more problems for you.

If your garage door track is bent, misaligned or damaged; call us today. We come to your home & put everything back they should be. We also offer 24X7 emergency garage door services to our customers living in our serving areas.