Garage Door Torsion Springs: All You Need to Know

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August 1, 2017
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Garage Door Torsion Springs: All You Need to Know

Garage Door Torsion Springs

First of all, let me clarify one thing that springs can hold the garage door up side not motor. They play important role in an operation of a garage door. If there is no spring; it is hard to hold the door upper side for a long time. So, here we have listed some good things about the torsion springs.

How Torsion Springs Work:

The garage door works on a basic physics principle. The torsion spring contains mechanical energy that causes spring to tighten the coils. The main thing is that from where springs get this energy? It stores this mechanical energy through the motion of twisting & turning. Such springs are store a good amount of mechanical energy than the normal compression springs and this makes it popular in the industry. The springs are made from a stronger and heavier material and so, it stays last long. A simple principle of physics is completely suitable to understand the operation of springs in a garage door.

What exactly the role of Torsion Springs?

Generally, torsion springs are attach on the horizontal axis located at the entrance of a garage door. When a door is pulled down, the cables attached to its lower corners force springs to turn & the wind, delivering energy to the system. When a door is fully opened, the springs unwind & transfer the mechanical energy to a door which helps it for easy opening and lifting. Now, you will be agreed with my first line of this article. Without springs; it is much hard to open a door for the motor only.

Life Span of Torsion Springs and Garage Door.

As we know that the garage door is opened & closed multiple times a day, the steel material within the torsion springs get weaker and in the end, the door may become heavier than before for springs. And so, springs lose their efficacy. Eventually, springs will snap which can stick the garage door in a closed position. You will have only one option to call the professional to repair the door. These springs are also vulnerable to extremely cold weather, rusting and moisture. The life span of a garage door is 5 to 7 years & around 10,000 cycles of lifting and shutting. So, to keep the springs running for a longer time; maintenance is necessary on a regular interval of time.

Call the experts if you found any issue with the Torsion Springs:

Do you think that torsion springs aren’t working properly? Do you notice any unwanted crack or any other issue with it? Contact us (970) 541-4025 immediately; we will fix it before it may cause big damage to you or your valuable properties.