I Want to Know Why Garage Door Springs Break. Please Help!

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I Want to Know Why Garage Door Springs Break. Please Help!

Garage Door Springs Repair in Loveland

The spring is one of an essential parts of a garage door but we probably never give attention to it until it breaks. When it breaks, something would happen that we can’t even imagine. So, it is better to keep it functioning very well and replace it when needed. The most common question arises in several homeowners mind is “why garage door springs break? What are the reasons?” So, here we come up with some factors that are responsible for breaking of springs. Let’s have a look at them.

Daily Wear and Tear:

This is a common reason behind springs break. Generally, the life of a garage door springs is 10,000 cycles (one cycle = garage open and then close down). If you park your car in a garage means you open and close the door two times in a day (2 cycles) then the count is 730 in a year. So, your garage door spring like is around 13 and half year. Even it is possible that you complete the 10,000 cycles in 2-3 years. It is obvious that you need to replace the garage door springs; once the count reaches to 10,000; sometimes before reaching that number.

Rust – A second factor to be considered:

When the rust forms on the springs; it may cause the springs to break and shorten the life cycle of springs. If there is no rust on springs, they will run for a long time. The solution is “just lubricate the garage door springs coil on a regular time which prevents spring breakage.”

Wrong Springs used:

There are two types of garage door springs torsion and extension. The torsion springs are better than an extension; so try to use those springs in your garage door system. Also, ensure that the wire size and length of the springs are correct otherwise you might be put in a danger zone. It is also better to use 2 springs to share your door weight uniformly and increase the life cycle of the springs.

A Poor Maintenance:

I agree that regular wear and tear causes the garage door springs to break down eventually. But, with a proper maintenance; you can also prolong the life of springs. Maintenance includes lubrication, check the balance of a garage door, cracks in springs, hear incoming noise from the springs when a door opens and closes, etc.

So, these are the basic reasons why your garage door springs break. If you want to hire an expert for broken garage door springs replacement; we are the right choice. Contact us anytime; we work for 24X7 and help you in the emergency situation.