Garage Door Spring: Understand the Significance of Repair and Maintenance

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Garage Door Spring: Understand the Significance of Repair and Maintenance

Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance

Without Garage Door Spring System, there is no existence of a working garage door of nearly 400 pounds. A large number of people have a misconception that the motor is responsible for raising and lowering the garage door. Actually, A motor bears a very little part of a burden at the time of opening and closing the door. The major work is done by Spring(s). It actually stores the voluminous amount of energy and then releases to open the door. So, now you have a clear idea of what springs are and why it is important for a garage door.

The garage door springs system needs maintenance on a regular basis. If is there any issue? It should be fixed. It is taken for granted by many homeowners and pay attention only when it breaks down. A well maintained Spring System Increases the Lifespan of a Garage Door. Here we have listed some points that help you to understand the significance of Springs.

Protect You and Your Family from Big Damages:

The weight of an average garage door is 390 pound. But the springs are the only reason that the giant garage door can be lifted up and close down easily, not the motor. Just imagine that the springs break down suddenly and any of your family members is near to the door. You can’t imagine even in your dreams. So, inspect your garage door springs once in a week and detect the problems if they have any.

They protect you Against the Motor Failure:

Isn’t your motor functioning well? But you need to open a garage door, how can you do it? This is a time when you give importance to springs. You only need to disengage your garage door from the opener. So, you can open a door manually. You can easily open the garage door weighing nearly 400 lbs just because of the springs. I know no normal human being can lift 400 pounds with his own hands.

Don’t Neglect to Maintain and Repair Garage Door Problems

Generally, the life-cycle of a garage door spring is nearly 10,000 cycles and then after it is required to be replaced. As you have seen the importance above; you shouldn’t avoid the maintenance and repairing of the springs. Now you have a proper idea what can be happened if they aren’t maintained well. If you detect any problem in your door springs; call (970) 541-4025 the experts immediately .