Have You Ever Performed Safety Test on Your Garage Door? Let’s Start it

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Have You Ever Performed Safety Test on Your Garage Door? Let’s Start it

Garage Door Safety Test

A garage door is weighing around 300 pounds and you can easily imagine that what happens if it will fall on you or your family member. You don’t ever wish that, right? So, it is important for a homeowner to set a high level of security and safety for the garage door. Do you know that what’s your garage door safety standard? How your door is safe and you too? The only answer to these both questions is a safety test. If you perform safety test at a regular interval of a time then you can answer these easily and show your dedication towards the garage door.

The next question in your mind is how to perform safety test and what is included in it? Don’t worry; here we have shown the safety test points which can help you to judge safety level. We all know accident happens but in most of the case; the reason is your ignorance towards safety. It can be prevented with the safety test. Have a look at here:

The Sensors: Inbuilt Safety Feature of a Garage Door.

These sensors are attached to both the side of a garage door 6 inches above the floor. These sensors emit a light beam to each other. If anything breaks a beam, the door doesn’t shut down. Good, right? How can we test that sensors are working properly? It is simple. Hit the close button in the opener, put something in between the path of a beam; if a door stops closing; it is working fine. It’s just a 2-minute task and you can perform plenty of time throughout a year. For god sake, please do not stand under the closing door while performing a test; don’t be a fool. You may be in trouble; if a test fails. P.S. the sensors are activated only when a door is closing.

Check the Balance of a door:

The door is attached to tracks and so, it can roll up and down easily. So, check the balance of a door. It is a simple test. Just put a door in a manual mode and try to open and close the door. If it is gliding smoothly then no need to worry. But if a balance is off; call the expert immediately.

These both tests are easy and can be performed by the homeowner easily. So, start performing such safety test and stay safe from your door. If you found any issue with your door; let us know as soon as possible. Our team will fix the door problems and increase the safety level as well.