Which One Should I Buy Light or Heavy Duty Garage Door Opener? Read This

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Which One Should I Buy Light or Heavy Duty Garage Door Opener? Read This

Garage Door Opener

Garage door opener is an integrated part of a garage door mechanism. It makes a task easier for homeowners to lift up the garage door easily and shut it down. We have only one benefit in our mind while buying the garage door and it is simple that it can open a garage door by pressing just a single button. That’s it; nothing else. But there are some other technical factors that also should be considered at the time of purchasing garage door opener.

Horsepower: A crucial factor to be considered that will Save Money

A horsepower rating decides that how much weight of a garage door can be lifted by the opener. For example, ½ – Horsepower (HP) is enough for your opener to lift a garage door and you purchase the 1 – ½ horsepower motor then there is any benefit having a 1 – 1/2 HP motor; it’s just a wastage of money. Both motors can lift up the garage door that’s true but what about the expense. So, it is important for a homeowner to consider “HP” rating. Hope you all will be understand.

Types: Which Type is Suitable for My Garage Door Opener.

Generally, there are 3 types of garage door opener – Chain-driven Garage Door Opener, Belt-driven Garage Door Opener, and Screw-driven Garage Door Opener. These three have their own pros and cons. Now the main questions are that which one is suitable for me and to know, you should consult with the professional garage door consultant or dealer. The motor is one which moves the trolley up and down along an aluminum rail. The motor is attached differently in these opener types.

The difference of Garage Door Openers:

Chain-drives are the suitable choice (economically) for the homeowners but generate more noise and due to that most of the homeowners do not prefer while they are widely used in the commercial sector. The Belt-driven is a quieter and smoother one in terms of sound and functionality. It works same as the chain-drives work but the only difference is that it uses the belt not chain. This is a better than the previous ones. Most of the homeowner’s favorite choice, the screw-driven openers require less maintenance because very less number of parts are moving.

The garage door openers are invented to make our life comfortable and they work well too. But it is important for us to choose which one is good for your garage door. If you are still confused about the garage door opener types then please contact us (970) 541-4025 today and get ready your opener within short times.