How to Perform a Deep Inspection of Garage Door Maintenance Services & Safety?

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How to Perform a Deep Inspection of Garage Door Maintenance Services & Safety?

Garage Door Maintenance Services

There is no reason to leave the garage door as it is since it is installed. It’s mechanical device and requires maintenance on a regular interval of time. A good garage door can make difference between your home and the rest of your neighbors. As we perform garage door Maintenance inspection like door balance, photo sensor, lubrication, rust cleaning, safety features, etc. But if you perform deep inspection of a garage door; your door will have very fewer chances of being damaged. Let’s move to it…

Check the Old Garage Door Springs:

Everyday wear and tear makes the springs an unsafe portion of a garage door. When the spring breaks, it may lead to serious and sometimes life-threatening injuries. Generally, the life of a garage door is around 10,000 cycles; so you have at least rough idea that how many cycles have been completed. After 10,000; your springs may be broken at any time.

Check the Cables:

Cables are linked to the springs to a base section located on the door edges. If the cables break; you should replace it as soon as possible. When the springs break; it may damage other parts too like cables, base, rollers and tracks. So, do not forget to check the cable when spring breaks. If you found faulty; the better option is to replace it rather than repair it.

Never Use the Old Tracks and Rollers:

These both are important parts of a garage door system. Old tracks and rollers are vulnerable to be damaged. If you want to change the garage door, change the rollers and tracks too. There is a possibility that old tracks and rollers may not compatible with the new garage door. For example length problem, weight, size, type, etc. It is important to change whole garage door system to stay safe from it. Old tracks may bend down due to high pressure and make the garage door in unbalanced mode.

Do Not Forget to Install Extra Safety Cables:

If you are using the torsion springs then your door is equipped with the extra safety cables. When a door is locked, springs are under the high pressure and may break down at any time. You know the consequences when it breaks. No need to say more. But with the safety cables; springs can’t damage anyone who is nearby because the safety cables control the broken springs and thus, springs can’t escape forcefully from the door system.

These are the deep inspection checklist to be considered by all homeowners. If you want to create a garage door maintenance plan; we can help you in it. Contact us today (970) 541-4025 !!!