What’s Wrong with My Garage Door Cables? How Can I Fix it?

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What’s Wrong with My Garage Door Cables? How Can I Fix it?

Garage Door Cables

As we all know that moving parts of a garage door are often under the high pressure. The garage door cables are one of the essential components that should be maintained well because the door can’t be opened or closed without the help of cables. If anything is going wrong with the cables; you will have to face the dangerous situation in future that you can’t even imagine and expect. Here is everything that you want to know about the Garage Door Cables:

What Are They?

In a torsion garage door system, the cables are directly attached to the brackets located at the bottom side of a door on both the side. And another portion is connected to the drums located above. When the garage door is opened; the cables wind up in the drums. In an extension system, the cables are a significant part of a pulley system and help door in opening and closing. A door will not budge if cables can’t work properly. Hope you know the importance of the cables.

After knowing the importance of them in above paragraph; you may have got a better idea that there are two types of cables. Yes, you are right. 1 Torsion cables and 2. Extension spring cables. But there is one more called safety cables. You have enough idea that where both cables are attached but do not have a good idea about the safety cables, right? Let’s Have a Look:

Safety Cables:

These are used with the extension systems to prevent damage or life-threatening injury if any of the springs break. Generally, people do not notice. These are attached at both the end of the door & run through the extension springs (from the center). If a spring breaks, the broken parts of a spring can be held easily in air and so, the parts will not fall down.

How Can I Find the Problem in the Cables?

If the cables are broken, the garage door will either feel difficulty in opening or not open at all. Ensure that cables aren’t stretched or loose; set it in a normal position before it may damage you. If you notice a garage door in a jerking motion; check the garage door cable first. If it is broken; you may be charged too much because it’s much more expensive.

Is your garage door moving in a jerking motion or feel difficulty in opening or? Contact our experts as soon as possible; our team will help you to fix broken garage door cables and make your door in a functioning mode again.