Benefits of Electronic Garage Door Opener over the Manual One

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June 27, 2017
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Emergency Garage Door Repair Services Anytime
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Benefits of Electronic Garage Door Opener over the Manual One

Electronic Garage Door Opener

Today, the varieties of garage doors are available in the market in terms of shapes & sizes. But nowadays homeowners decide first what to opt for manual or automatic garage door opener. There are many advantages of automatic over manual garage door opener to installing it, however; there are some disadvantages too. Before choosing any of one; you must decide whether you’re installing a new door or considering upgrading the manual door to the automatic one.

The automatic door needs more work to be installed than the manual one. It is especially true fact for the automatic door that it should not be installed by you (here homeowner). It should be configured in a proper manner so; a door opener can lift up the garage door easily. If we discuss in terms of price; an automatic one is costlier than manual doors. However, the advantages of having the automatic door outweigh the disadvantages. You can hold yourself after knowing these benefits of having an automatic garage door opener.

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It makes Easier to open or close the door:

The best and foremost advantage is that you do not need to get out of your car to open a garage door. This can be done by pressing a button on a remote. It is very much beneficial in naughty weather such as snow or rain. With the remote control, you can do this.

Photo Eye:

Those people know benefits of photo-eye who have installed electronic garage door opener at home. This is a pair of the sensors installed on either side of a door which is connected to the light beam. The door will not close if a light beam is interrupted. This technology protects you and your family from having door slams down on anything in its ways such as a car or a member of your family. The value of security and safety feature is totally worth using the electric garage door opener. This is not possible with the manual ones means you compromise the safety.

Illuminate the Garage:

This is a great safety feature that helps you not being theft at any time. Yes, the electronic system will have the light that automatically turns on when one tries to activate the system to open a door. So, when a burglar tries to enter a home through the garage; you may detect it easily and save your valuable stuff in a home as well as the garage.

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